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Rehab for First Responders

Emergency responders are the first to arrive on the scene of the most dangerous and demanding situations. These heroic actions are critical to society. However, they can be emotionally draining for many first responders. 

According to a SAMHSA report, it is estimated that 30% of first responders suffer from behavioral health conditions. This statistic includes depression and PTSD. 

Too often, it is easy for first responders to fall into the harmful pattern of drug and alcohol addiction. They may do this as a means of coping. 

Our Los Angeles-based recovery and detox center provides confidential addiction treatment for first responders. We provide a private and luxury rehab where first responders can create a healthy and once again fulfilling life free from substance abuse. 

First Responders and Substance Abuse

Who is a first responder?

A first responder refers to professionals who have a duty to be the first to arrive on the scene of the emergency. This can include numerous job titles, such as:

  • Police officers
  • TSA officers
  • Paramedics
  • FBI agents
  • Sheriffs
  • Security guards
  • Firefighters
  • Lifeguards
  • Dispatchers
  • Fire Marshals
  • Red Cross members
  • US Marshals
  • National Guard members
  • Peace Corps members
  • Current and former military

Why are first responders at greater risk of addiction?

As a result of their occupation, first responders encounter a tremendous amount of stress daily. The risk of physical harm and witnessing disturbing events makes the profession more challenging than any other. 

As a result, first responders are more likely to succumb to drug and alcohol addiction. They do so to cope with the job’s emotional stress. Many first responders, especially law enforcement, are more familiar with the drug trade than civilians. This increases the risk of addiction simply due to ease of access. 

First responders are accustomed to rescuing others from danger but must take care of themselves. In some circles, a stigma is attached to drug and alcohol addiction. This makes it difficult for first responders to discuss their problems with their peers. White House Recovery and Detox provides a confidential treatment center to tackle addiction in privacy. 

Confidentiality For All Patients

Regardless of their profession, all of our patients can expect full confidentiality of their treatment. This is consistent with HIPAA laws and is critical for a successful recovery. We have patients from all walks of life and value their privacy during recovery. 

What to Expect at White House Recovery and Detox

Before Arriving

After you have decided on receiving treatment with White House, you have two care options: residential treatment or detox. Detox is conducted with the supervision of medical professionals so you can safely return to a state of sobriety. Residential treatment occurs after detox, and addresses the core issues of addiction. 

During the initial intake interview, we will help determine the best course of action for you. Residential treatment tends to be more beneficial for those who have:

  • Co-occurring disorders, such as PTSD or depression
  • Have relapsed after receiving lower levels of care
  • Concerns of self-harm or suicidal thoughts

Even if these criteria don’t apply, anyone with a substance use disorder can benefit from attending residential treatment. Residential care typically has a more favorable staff-to-patient ratio, resulting in better care. 

Residential Treatment

Our facilities are located in the foothills just outside of Los Angeles. This provides a location surrounded by nature, offers plenty of privacy, and is still within reach of the city. 

We offer multiple approaches to treating addiction based on evidence-based solutions. Our care is a balance of a family-like environment with a tough-love approach to help patients overcome obstacles. We provide tailor-made treatment plans that take a holistic approach. This allows us to address all issues that contribute to addiction. 

Treatment plans may include:

Treatment Plans for First Responders

No two patients are the same, so we provide individualized treatment plans for everyone. First responders will face a unique journey in their sobriety that is different from average citizens. As such, we will provide healthy coping strategies to better prepare patients for when they return to normal life. 

A study from 2010 found that symptoms of PTSD strongly correlate to substance use. Our healthcare providers can treat the underlying trauma that contributes to substance abuse. 

We understand the effects of post-traumatic stress and depression and how they can lead to substance abuse. Many of our staff were first responders themselves and can relate to the unique challenges of the profession. 

Our Facility

Our property consists of multiple areas ensuring that you can pursue sobriety in an enjoyable environment. The living quarters provide a comfortable and private place to relax outside treatment sessions. 

We also have a creative studio equipped with everything to produce and edit music and videos. Engaging in creativity can be a helpful asset in the pursuit of recovery. Anyone can request to learn more about how to use this equipment during their time here. 

Located next to the studio is an art room. Art therapy is a valuable tool in calming the mind while remaining focused. Even for non-artists, making art can be a valuable ally on the road to recovery. 

Our facility contains an outdoor area that includes a garden. This provides a peaceful, quiet area to practice meditation and mindfulness. We encourage everyone to engage in gardening, providing moderate exercise and a calming activity. 

Receiving Care

If substance abuse negatively impacts your life, reach out to us today. Substance abuse may be affecting your family life, professional career as a first responder, or overall well-being. All contact with us is kept confidential. 

Our specialists and support team can recommend the best treatment option based on your specific needs. Our facility is designed to provide comfort and privacy. All while remaining focused on guiding you towards recovery. To learn more about treatment plans for first responders, feel free to contact us today.

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