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Rehab for First Responders


Emergency responders are the first to arrive on the scene of the most dangerous and demanding situations. These heroic actions are critical to society. However, they can be emotionally draining for many first responders.  According to a SAMHSA report, it is estimated that 30% of first responders suffer from behavioral health conditions. This statistic includes […]

Addiction in the Entertainment Industry´┐╝


Much of the public look up to their favorite entertainers as role models. Some individuals may wish that they could be like them, or that they could have the life that they seem to have. However, part of the problem with this type of thinking is that it often overlooks the fact that many entertainers […]

Addiction Treatment for Professionals


Alcohol and drug addiction is a severe and progressive disease that healthcare professionals like nurses or EMTs, pilots, lawyers, first responders and other professionals are not immune to.  Professionals have specific treatment needs when struggling with addiction or substance abuse. At White House Recovery and Detox, we understand that professionals need a specific level of […]